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What is OD Association in Japan?

OD Association in Japan (ODAJ), the former OD Network Japan West (ODNJ West), has just started fresh activities on 17th January 2014 with generous support from the international OD communities.
We have persistently engaged in the opportunities for our members to learn knowledge, intervention tools, and experiences of OD fields while we were running our learning community of OD for two years.
We enjoyed a situation that we had been in for two years as a subgroup of OD Network Japan; however, the situation had been getting changed. The end of year 2013, we decided to build a ship, embarked on the sea, and landed at new community as a promised land to develop frontier of OD fields. This is our story.
Our mission is to become OD professionals, who are responsible for applying OD theories and practices to achieve a healthy organization with highly ethical standards, and who dedicate thoughtful efforts to create a sustainable and flourishing society through practicing high level of expertise in OD.

The Organization Development Association in Japan is an international, professional association whose members are committed to practicing organization development intentionally and rigorously as an applied behavioral science.
Enlighten by clear missions, values, and ethical standards of practice, the ODAJ is committed to advancing the theory and practice of organization development by keeping our learning community alive for those who aspire to effective, successful OD practice. We hope persistent actions in our learning community make the field of OD more visible, credible, and influential for our members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become OD professionals who are responsible for applying OD theories and practices to help build healthy organizations with high ethical standards. Our members dedicate their thoughtful efforts to create a sustainable and flourishing society through practicing high level of expertise in OD.
We offer a safe environment where anyone can come aboard as an equal partner. As a learning community, together, we enjoy acquiring knowledge about theories and practices of OD and its related fields. We hope sincere yet playful somewhat activities in ODAJ encourage participants to share their reflections through experiential learning dialogue.
We expect every participant to be responsible, to be open to the different voices from diverse participants in and around the community. Every member, including treasurer, and co-chairs of ODAJ are conscious of listening to the voices of the community as honest feedback, including our failures. Consequently, we hope that every participant knows about the situations that the community has experienced and our future journey.
Everything we do at ODAJ, including the learning activities as well as the management of ODAJ, is in accordance with OD values. Exactly, the same way as OD practitioners for their clients imposes on the management of ODAJ.
Our eternal mission is to help create a sustainable society, ethically and economically, through our practices.

Our Values

We pledge to act based on the following values:
To be socially responsible to promote the development and well-being of the society through the processes of individuals, groups, and organizational growth
To emancipate each individual to freely speak out and express their own opinions
To include everyone as to be a human being and respect diverse perspectives and matters
To use challenges as well as failures to be the foundation of our growth and development
To believe that every individual has infinite potential to be released
To deepen the sprit of lifetime learning and character building
To be empathetic and holistic when dealing with others

Board of trustees of ODAJ

Co-Chair: Ken Nishikawa

Co- Chair: Yukari terada

Treasurer: Ryuichi Fukuda

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